My name is Darek. I am a photographer & director based in Northern Sweden .

Happy husband, father of two wonderful  girly trolls, addicted novice skier, passionate photographer.
As far as I remember, camera was always in my bag. My first camera was zenit. That was a gift for my seventh birthday. And it just started. During my adults life, used for saving precious moments like those less important, very common, rutinuous.

"No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man." - Heraclitus

Every moment of our lives is very precious. It is our history built upon those moments, makes us who we really are. People we meet, everything we experience each day. Even if we are certain we remember everything, we lose details in time. The dust is covering everything what happened. Capturing those single moments it is what the photographer does. That gives us the opportunity to turn the time back to the moment, that we want to remind ourselves, that day, that very while. That is the exciting magic of photography, that looking at a single image, forgotten details are brought to life in a second. Feelings, scents, the mood. That is the reason to collect captures. To stop the time.
To share those particules of our histories with family, friends.
To feel it again.
Photograph is the only thing which stays unchanged.
It is our personal time machine.


It is up to you to decide in what way those moments are going to be preserved.