Hey, I'm Darek...




Photography and people are my great passions, in life. As a natural storyteller, I am drawn to and driven by the challenge of constructing cohesive visual narratives. Whether I'm creating a designer's lookbook, executing a national, advertising campaign, developing an evocative editorial, or crafting a Vanity Fair inspired portrait for an individual, it is a privilege and honor to collaborate with, and create alongside, my diverse, amazing, brilliant, beautiful, talented clients and colleagues. 

My unique aesthetic is derived from a variety of eclectic sources including fashion, cinema, nature, literature, and the great masters of painting. I credit the latter's influence with my notable and lauded use of light and shadow. Forever-fascinated by all things analog, I am impelled by the challenge and reward of integrating the emotion and mood of film with modern, digital tools.

As an educator and mentor, I strive to embolden individuals in the photo-sphere, with the knowledge, skills, and self-assuredness to realize their own respective creative projects and artistic vision(s). 

In all that I do and create, I aspire to empower expression and impel indivduality.


 - Darek Jaszewski