Everyyears routine made us to go to Mickelbo Gård. With Piast organisation which allows our children gather in larger group, we travel sometimes to celebrate tradition. Santa Claus is a Somebody, who exists in almost all of childrens imaginations. We are trying our best to keep that state as long as it is possible, to let youngsters be fed by fantasy particles enjoying magical world without influece of the more greyish reality. Like always, we spent a great time in a company of Santa, elves and animals.

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When among photographers is raised the topic, analog photography or the digital, discussion can last for very long, without any clear result. But the fact is, modern photography has lost itself in that sharpness, details and photoshop, losing something more important, feeling. Models shot during the session change their poses flesh after flesh, photographer almost in burst mode. The feeling has been lost because of that rush. Stop for a while.

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The progress of technology made us close to the point where we all have availability to equip ourselves in advanced cameras. Actually, we all can call ourselves photographers. Is there any sense then, to keep that profession as a profession ? Having a proper tool does not make us a professional. Like having a drill does not make us a dentist. Taking a picture it is a whole process, starting with the idea, thru the act of models posing, preparing light, making connection with the model, explaining our needs, then editing which is not less complicated than the previous steps. Skills needed on each of those steps, make us amatours or professionals. The customer will see the difference.
Video versus picture
Some time ago, I have started thinking about the differences between the photography itself and the videography. Of course, the differences are quite obvious. We see video footage synchronised with a music background, and in the other hand we have instant image. The advantage of recorded movement with sound is unquetsionable. As a previously director, camera operator, it is easy to compare those two professions, while I become a photographer. The question is, why ? Of course, the main reason is the need of the market. But, going deeper, analysing the secret of the photography, I have found some surprising conclusions. Movie, it is a ready product, prepared to eat it, digestive it and spit it out. Do you like watching same movie every certain period of time ? Maybe some times. What about pictures? Pictures, the secret of them is put in our imagination. The sourrounding world isnt based only on those things we see or hear. There are lots more dimensions based on taste, touch, smell etheric feelings. Those, are served by photography. Especially if that photography remind us certain events from our lives. That is the power of photography. Unspeakable facts from our memory, raised to live by just a simple image. Easy to storage, easy to share. Close to ours hearts and minds.