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Services and prices


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Portrait work is my main field of photography. Outdoor session with natural light, or with addition of artificial lighting, studio enviroment, all depends on your needs, to meet your expectations, giving highest quality results.



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Freeze the while in portraiture style or just save the precious moment which will not happen again with the group of people you love. That is the most valuable gift you can offer yourself or those closest to you.


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Sport photography demands on photographer not only high level of the equipment giving crisp and dynamic pictures, but a lot of skills allowing to catch them in a proper way.


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Product photography is a a sophisticated part of photography, combining the art of composing the scene with its skillful lighting. There are no places to make a mistake, every smallest detail has an impact on the perception of the image.

For sale

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Among the paid work, I do something for myself. I capture everything surrounding me. Photography is not a profession you are forgeting about once you leave your office. It is somehting you experience in every moment of your life. Some of those moments I am sharing here.


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If you are interested in gaining knowledge 'how to' in photography, do not hesitate! Contact me! Portrait, landscape, macrophotography. Even if you have the newest photography equipment, it will not take pictures for you! Physics laws are unbreakable.


IIn case of advertising photography contact me for more info, prices given below are designed for individual customers. Generaly the price difference is caused by the license differences of photographs sold.

The basic fee for photographic services, regardless of their type: 390 Kr.
This is a fee for the time spent(ca 60min) preparing and carrying out a photo session. The fee is going to be properly multiplied according to the time extension(rounded to the full hour). The fee payment is a confirmation of a booking process.


Price of digital image depends on amount images ordered:

  • 1-4 pack, 280Kr per photo
  • 5-10 pack, 250Kr per photo
  • 11-19 pack,  220Kr per photo
  • 20-30 pack,  200Kr per photo
  • 31+   pack,  190Kr per photo



40cm x 40cm
60cm x 60cm
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100cm x 100cm
40cm x 60cm
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60cm x 80cm
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